Knowledge is limitless, it has no boundaries. Man in his incarnation (life) perceives this, because time spent here is too little compared to how much would be needed for realization, for the reception of unlimited knowledge.

The website’s literature is the following:

Quotes were chosen from Vedic literature published by the LAL publishing house:

  • Bhagavad-Gita
  • Srimad-Bhagavatam.

For the preparation of the website I used the following astrological source works:

  • Gauranga Das: Védikus asztrológia kézikönyve, Lál Kiadó, 1999.,
  • Geoffrey Pearce: Vedic Astrology, supplementary notes on nakshatras and their charactristics, Filozófia Gyakorlati Iskolája, 2010, page 1-28.
  • Siebelt Meyer (Jyotish Shastri): Grosses Handbuch der Vedischen Astrologie, 2,3,4 und 5. Kapitel, Windpferd Verlagsgeselschaft mbH, Aitrang, 2003, page 23-59.
  • Judit Saródy: Védikus asztrológia Electronic Notes, Budapest, 2013.
  • Marcus Schmieke: Vedic astrology, Lessons 1 and 2, Bioenergetic Kft., 2003.
  • Komilla Sutton: Indische Astrologie Grundlagen der vedischen Horoskopdeutung, Nakshatra, Ebertin, Freiburg im Breisgau, 1999, page 37-211.


  • For Vedic astrology chart analysis I use the Kala computer program developed by Ernst Wilhelm.
  • The website was made using Publisher 2010 and the pictures were prepared using Visio 2003.
  • Pictures on the website are from own sources, except for a few that are freely available on the net (e.g. pictures of gurus or those depicting relationship).

Notes, studies and publications written by me that are downloadable for reading or own use (the studies are downloadable only in Hungarian!):

Judit Saródy: The theory of compatibility analysis

Judit Saródy: Vedic astrology, Electronic Notes, Budapest, 2013.

Judit Saródy: Progress line in the mirror of Vedic astrology and planet effect, diploma, 2013.

Judit Saródy: Self-knowledge with the help of Vedic astrology, diploma, 2016.

Happy studying!

āyur-vedaṁ dhanur-vedaṁ    gāndharvaṁ vedam ātmanaḥ
sthāpatyaṁ cāsṛjad vedaṁ    kramāt pūrvādibhir mukhaiḥ

”He also created the medical science, military art, musical art and architectural science, all from the Vedas. They all emanated one after another, beginning from the front face.”

Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 3., Chapter 12., verse 38.