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The most important mission of our life is to fulfill our dharma, which corresponds to an attunement of the will of the Transcendent. The goal is to develop the will of the Over Soul in our life. We can achieve it by leading a moral, dutiful life, while resisting our bad urges, such as lust (kama), greed (lobha), anger (krodha). Astromeditation helps with this.

This will help the divine will to prevail, it will shed light on our hindrances, and will show a way to reach our true mission. True iner peace and harmony can be created by dismantling our ego. We will get into contact with the planetary energies. Being stuck can be seen from the natal chart. If during meditation we are able to face the various planetary messages, these can become the root of our problems.

How does a guided meditation take place?

I will prepare each participant’s natal chart (based on place of birth, time) using Vedic astrology. One can meditate on multiple planets per occasion. Meditation on one planet is called the meditation circle. During each cycle, I will bring to the participants attention what kind of energies, possibilities and things to do the given planet symbolizes, enabling the participant to concentrate on them. Thus, his image of self may purify, potentially enabling him to successfully solve the problems in the future. I will lead the group in a way that is constructive to experiencing the planetary energy that is the subject of meditation. Meanwhile, quite music will emanate from the background helping this process. When the meditation circle is over, participants will share their experiences with each other.

Astromeditation, that is based on the individual’s chart, involves the following:

(It depends on the actual planets in question which of the excercises we will be dealing with.)

  • Attunement to the most important life lessons.
  • Learning about the planets’ ebergetic effect on your destiny (Moo represents the sould and Sun represents the character in Vedic astrology, so their effects are of particular importance!)
  • What are the planets asking you?
  • Examing the effects of the 2 Moon nodes and karma axis on your past, present and future. This is what you need to rework in order to live a more pure future of hifger vibration.
  • Guided meditation practice to recognize your karmic lessons. Become aware of why and from where your problems recur in life.
  • Observing the life clock in order not to miss the opportunities of the present!
  • Reworking the partnership structure, to leave recurring estrangements and break-ups behind.
  • Dissolving the relationship karma in order to experience peace and harmony with those living around you.

In case astromeditation will be organized in the framework of a course, then we will meditate o the following topics:

  1. instance: What is my goal in this incarnation? The karma exis, Ketu, the Moon’s Southern Node bearing the past.
  2. instance: Where are my karmic hindrances? Saturn’s influence.
  3. instance: Sun’s influence. Who I am? Viewing the relationship system with the father from a vantage point.
  4. instance: Moon’s influence. In Indian astrology, Moon represents the soul, thus in this astrological system this is the most important position. Understanding the relationship system with the mother.
  5. instance: The effect of Mars. What motivates me, what stirs my life, in what can I be successful?
  6. instance: The effect of Venus. What are my desires, what are those unsatisfied inner sparks that want to break free?
  7. instance: Mercury’s influence. What is it worthwhile to learn on the Earth plane, how how can I improve my communication? Understanding my relationships with my younger siblings.
  8. instance: Jupiter’s influence. The headquarter of knowledge, wisdom and happiness. Its positions codes for spiritual attitude, but it’s also harbringer of poverty and affluency.
  9. instance: Rahu, the North node of the Moon, the embodiment of the future.
  10. instance: Reviewing the total effect of the Sun, the 6 planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) and the 2 nodes of the Moon (karma axis).

“Kṛpayā bhūtajaṁ duḥkhaṁ  daivaṁ jahyāt samādhinā.

“By good behavior and freedom from envy one should counteract sufferings due to other living entities, by meditation in trance one should counteract sufferings due to providence”

Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 7., Chapter 15., verse 24.