Astrotherapy is the amalgam of astrology and therapy, i.e. a special therapy combined with chart analysis. A chart analysis unfolds where the native is stuck, his traits brought forward from a past life that need transformation, and the always recurrent bad pattern in relationships.

The combined therapy helps in the following:

  • dissolving blocks;
  • upbuilding self-esteem, strengthening self-confidence;
  • examining, purifying and rearranging relationships;
  • to et out of difficult life situations;
  • exploring inner desires;
  • dismantling irrational fears;
  • shalking off anxieties, and/or resolving them;
  • buiding a life that is more complete;
  • making good decisions in given situations.

Astrotherapy can be successfully applied in dissolving psychosomatic diseaseas. It can provide support in all fields of life. 6-12 therapeutical discussions can be productive.

“api te ‘nāmayaṁ svasti   prakṛtīnāṁ tathātmanaḥ   yathā prakṛtibhir guptaḥ…”

”When the seven properties of material nature [the total material energy, the ego and the five objects of sense gratification] are in proper order, the living entity within the material elements is happy.”

Srimad Bhagavatam: Canto 6, Chapter 14, verse 17