I am Judit Saródy Vedic astrologer, certified Vedic (vaisnava) theologian and astrotherapist (integral therapist).

Sri Lahiri Mahasaya

I am grateful and thankful to my spiritual teacher and guru, Sri Lahiri Mahasaya.

The roots of my Mesopothamian and Vedic astrology work stem from two directions:

  • Dr. Ferenc Saródy (1910-1991), representing the Mesopothamian astrology branch, was my first astrology teacher, who was the student of Ervin Baktay (1890-1963) indologist and astrologer. Interestingly, among my father’s students was Mária Szepes writer. To my inquiry, he started explaining astrology to me when I was 13. I learned the roles of constellations, houses, and planets, how to prepare a natal chart by hand, and the most important steps of the analysis. I devoted sometimes more, sometimes less energy for this astrology branch.
  • 1984 was a milestone in my life: that’s when I was initiated into kriya yoga by Paramahamsa Hariharananda yogi and spiritual master. I have read the book about the life of Paramahansa Jogananda (1893-1952). Among the succession of students, there was Lahiri Mahasaja (1828-1895) yogi and spiritual teacher, who was also the master of Paramahansa Jogananda’s guru. Mahasaja taught living a spiritual life as a monk is not the only way. He had five children. I asked him in meditation to be my spiritual teacher. The answer arrived in a few weeks: “I’ll accept you as my student, but you will not walk the way of krya yoga! Life has something else for you.” Right after this, I read that my guru was also a great Vedic astrologer. Then I started to earnestly study Vedic astrology; I searched and read all available books. If I found a writing that was not absolutely understandable, I asked my wise teacher, Lahiri Mahasaja about it in meditation, and the response has always arrived till today.

In the meantime, I participated in numerous Vedic astrology courses. I have studued thousands of charts and compared the information gleaned from the charts to those confided by the natives of their own lives. To my surprise, Vedic astrology precisely described the native’s course of life, characteristics, goals of life, relationship mistakes, etc. I have found it, this is the goal of my life… I’m still in touch with my master and spiritual teacher on a daily basis; during meditations I get conformations or guidance to my questions and problems.

My studies:

  • Between 1979 and 1984 I was studying transpersonal psychology in Germany.
  • Between 1984 and 2001 I was walking the spiritual way of krya yoga.
  • From 1997 till today, I’ve been studying Vedic astrology.
  • 2010-2013: Integrál Akadémia, Integral Psychology (IP) major, therapist and counselor training
  • 2013-2016: Bhaktivedanta Hittudományi Főiskola (BHF), vaisnava theologian training.
  • 2017-2019: ELTE bölcsészkar Vallástudományok Mesterszak

My experiences in chart analysis:

During my Vedic astrology practise, I have analyzed thousands of charts and shared the interpretations with the natives, thus fulfilling my assigned life goal, which is locating people’s life paths.

So far, I have provided astrological councelling and supported my clients in their life questions in 4 countries (Hungary, Germany, Austria, Romania) in 2 languages (Hungarian and German).

During my chart analyses, seeing the past, present and future problems of my clients, I always raised the question how one could help and trigger change. As a solution, I use astrotherapy. It is the combination of Vedic astrology and a specialzied therapy. Taking the clear picture gained from the chart analyis as a start, it will treat the underlying problem and hindrances.


I have lead Vedic astrology courses of various levels since 2012 in yoga studios, at BHF, etc, in Budapest and in the countryside. My students arrive to the courses after various levels of secular training. What is common in them is that they are all seeking their own paths during the vedic astrology training.

About my family:

I have brought up 6 children, have 8 grand-children.

”We can walk on material and spiritual paths simultaneously. Both of them are important parts of our lives in today’s world. Without one or the another you cannot find completeness, your journey will become truncated. I try to walk on both paths simultaneously.”

Judit Saródy